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Battery Details.

The 457 and 467 are no longer in general production. Confusingly some reference sources quote 45F40 as either type but this is clearly wrong as they are different sizes.

The 457 is very difficult to find, see: Small Battery Company, built to order if you really need one of these.

The 467 is available (from the same source, again built to order), but is also available from quite a few other sources on the net.

Another option is to build a replacement for the 467 yourself, full instructions here from H. Kristian Walter, including a scan of a 467 to print out and use as an authentic cover (3 page PDF, 180 kB).

The 467 is suggested to be used in place of the 457 where space permits, but note that it is larger.


45F30, 203, 457, A457, Eveready 457, No. 457,

45F40, 108, 145X, 200, 467, 501, 1734, 4367, A467, B101, BA51, BB501, Eveready 467, KL1, L5500, No. 467, S101, VS016, XX45,

not to scale.
Height × Width × Length.
Chemical Composition. Nominal Voltage.
battery 457. 63.5 mm × 71.4 mm × 35.4mm

Large snap connector.

Carbon Zinc 67.5 volts.
battery 467. 94.1 mm × 71.4 mm × 34.9 mm

Large snap connector.

Carbon Zinc 67.5 volts.

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