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Battery Details.

This battery has caused me a few headaches! The coding between the spring contact and the screw contact are mixed depending on which manufacturer you look at so I have put them both together on this page. Also there was a socket type (now discontinued). Advice is to replace socket type with the screw type and affix suitable ring terminals to the wires.

There are several rechargeable types for this battery. Take care if purchasing one as I've seen 3 main types:
1: Uses 4 × "D" cells giving 4.8 volts at 4400 mAh.
2: Claims a full 6 volts but has no information on the internal make-up (that I can find).
3: Has an integral charger, the battery just plugs into the wall (shown bottom, upper picture). The plug takes nearly half of the body away and the charging circuitry will, obviously, take up space and lower the capacity of the battery, which is listed at 2000 mAh, although no voltage is quoted.

Also available is a converter that takes 4 × "D" cells (shown bottom, lower picture) for you to put your own batteries in. I have only ever seen the rechargeables and converter with spring contacts, never the screw contats.

Used to usually be made with 4 × "F" primary cells in series, some cheaper versions now use 4 × "D" cells in series.


4LR25, 4LR25X, 4LR25Y, 4R25, 4R25E, 4R25P, 4R25H, 4R25X, 4R25Y, 430, 431, 466B, 509, 510S, 528, 529, 744, 806, 908, 908A, 908AC, 908C, 908CD, 908D, 915, 915A, 915AC, 915C, 915D, 920, 941S, 944, 949, 996, 1209, 1400, 2744N, 7010-15, 56429, AB200/U, AT2, BA6120, BA-200, EN528, EN529, EV10S, EV90, EV90HP, EV190, EV528, EV529, GP908S, H4R25, HS10S, K767, L15, Lantern, Lantern 6 Volt, MN908, MN915, PC908, PC915, PJ430, PJ996, R996, RL996, SP996, V0016, V996,

not to scale.
Height × Width × Length.
Chemical Composition. Nominal Voltage.
battery Lantern (Spring). 110 mm × 67 mm × 67 mm

Spring terminals.
Positive toward one corner.
Negative in the centre.


Zinc Chloride,

6 volts.
battery Lantern (Screw). As above but with
Screw Post contacts, not spring.
As above. 6 volts.


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