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Battery Details.

This is an unusual and increasingly hard to find Silver Oxide battery. It is commonly used in remote alarm controls for VW and Audi alarm systems and is particularly widely used in later Volkswagen Logic immobilisers known as Logic, Conlog or Conlogic. These immobilisers were widely fitted to Audi, VW and Land Rover vehicles.

It is constructed from a stack of four SR41 button cells held with heat-shrink tubing and a metal "pip". You may find smaller diameter cells used with a thicker cover. If you prefer to 'do-it-yourself' you can stack 4 of these cells and wrap some electricians tape around them. You may require some sort of "pip" for the end, depending on fitment. Be sure to use the Silver Oxide cells though as the Alkaline ones are not suited to this application due to the lower voltage.


4/SR41, 4×393, 4/393, 4SR41, AP021, Audi Alarm, CA24, Conlog Alarm, GP4/393, GPCA24, GP-CA24, KP24, Seat Alarm, Skoda Alarm, VW Alarm, Volkswagen Logic Alarm, WBCH,

not to scale.
Length × Diameter.
Chemical Composition. Nominal Voltage.
battery 4SR41. 14.6 mm × 7.9 mm

Flat base Positive.
Raised area other end Negative.

Silver Oxide, 6.2 volts
(46 mAh).

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