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Battery Details.

Dont confuse this with the 3.6 volt non-rechargable batteries of the same dimension (see: ER17505). Please check voltage requirements.

This battery, in non-rechargable 1.5 volt form, seems unobtainable now. If anyone has further data on this battery please email me (webmaster@highfields-arc.co.uk) and I'll update this page.

Originally this battery was used as a radio "B" battery but today you are more likely to find this size of battery in a rechargable battery pack.

If you really need a dry cell replacement for an A cell then the high power AA cells will have the capacity but, while being about the same length, are 3 mm or so smaller in diameter. A cardboard tube could be made to give a snug fit in equipment.


A, "B" battery, D14, LR23, R23.

not to scale.

Diameter × Height.
Chemical Composition. Nominal Voltage.
battery A. 17 mm × 50 mm.


Pip Positive.
Flat opposite end Negative,
(some cells have a flat at both ends and rechargeable types are available with solder tags)

Zinc Carbon

Zinc Chloride




1.5 volts.

1.2 volts
(NiMH and NiCd).

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