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Glossary Appendix.
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Battery Details.

Don't confuse these with the AA battery as these are twice the voltage in the same sized package.
Using of one of these in place of a 1.5 volt battery could damage your equipment.

About the Chemistry:

NOTE: These Lithium types are NOT rechargeable, they are single use batteries.

Note for Delta-P Technology VR3 Dive Computer users:
Early VR3 Dive Computers were fitted with a battery cap with a small interior diameter. If the battery has a plastic outer coating, which makes it just a tiny bit thicker than a standard painted metal battery, then you will need to cut off the bottom 18mm (from the flat, negative end) of the plastic coating. The negative end of the battery then fits into the VR3 battery cap which is the negative terminal anyway, so stripping this bit of plastic off won't cause any problems. (Later models had a larger diameter recess).


596-602, 6117, BR14505, BRAA, BR AA, BR-AA, CRAA, CR AA, CR-AA, CR14505, CR14505BL, CR14505SE, ECRAA, ER6, ER6S-TC, ER6V, ER14505, ER14505C, ER14505H, ER14505M, ER14505S, LS14500, LS-14500C, SB-AA02, SB-AA11, SL-360, SL-360/S, SL-760/S, TL-2100, TL-4903, TL-5104, TL-5903, WR14505, Xeno-AA, XL-060F,

not to scale.
Length × Diameter.
Chemical Composition. Nominal Voltage.
battery CR AA. 50.5 mm × 14.5 mm

Contacts: Raised "pip" Positive. Flat base Negative.

CAUTION: some manufacturers have the "pip" Negative and the flat as Positive! (see pic)

3 volts (LiMnO2),

2.9 volts (Li/SO2),

3.6 Volts (LiSocl2).

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