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Battery Details.

This battery is unobtainable now but was made to power the Zenith Trans-Oceanic and other radios such as the RCA Stratoworld, Hallicrafters TW1000, TW2000 and others.

There are several people and companies offering replacement battery boxes using 6 C or D cells for the 9v and either 10 PP3 or 60 AA for the 90v section. Others offer an inverter power pack type that use less batteries to "generate" the voltages, just Google "zenith transoceanic radio battery replacement".


66-03, 343, 0616, 752, 939, 6401, AB677, AB995, G6B60, P999, VS047, WZ-3, Z985,

not to scale.

Height × Width × Length.
Chemical Composition. Nominal Voltage.
battery Z985. 67 mm × 114 mm × 343 mm

4 Polarity marked recessed pins.

Carbon Zinc. 9 + 90 volts.

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